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Coton de Tulear Puppies

About the Coton de Tulear Breed


The Coton de Tulear comes from Madagascar and they are known as the Royal Dog of Madagascar and is their national dog. It is believed that ancestors of the Coton’s were brought to Madagasar in the 16th and 17th centuries on pirate ships. Madagascar was a haven for pirates. It is unknown if the dogs were brought along to control rats on the ships or if they were companion dogs for the long voyages or if they were confiscated from other ships as booty. Tulear is a port that is also known today as Toliara. The Coton de Tulear was only allowed to be owned by royalty on Madagascar. No one else was allowed to own one until Dr. Robert Jay Russell discovered the breed in 1973. That is when he coined the dog as the Royal Dog of Madagascar and brought the first dogs to America. They had also been imported into France occasionally by French colonists. However they were not officially imported into Europe until the 1970’s as well. The American Kennel Club first added the Coton de Tulear as a Foundation Stock Service dog in 1996. They did not become a fully recognized breed until July 1, 2014. The AKC Parent Club is the America Coton de Tulear Club.


The name of the Coton de Tulear comes from it’s coat, which is very soft and feels much like a ball of cotton. However, the coat is very supple and dense. It is never rough but can be slightly wavy. The long showy coat on these dogs is hypoallergenic, which is great for anyone with allergies. Daily grooming is recommended to keep Cotons looking good. They are considered to have a “dry” coat, meaning no danger and no odor.


Coton de Tulear coat color is white. There can be a few slight shadings of light tan or grey on their ears. These shadings are tolerated but are not desirable. On the body light tan shadings are permitted on only 5 percent of the body on an adult Coton, over 12 months of age. The light tan shadings can be in one area or scattered throughout the coat. The breed standard is that these color variations would never be so intense in color to alter the overall appearance of a white coat. Any coloring on the ears is not considered when applying the excess of 5 percent color to the body as a serious fault. Many puppies are born with spots but these will fade as the pup matures due to a unique gene of the Coton. The eyes, lips and nose should be black.


The Coton de Tulear is known for their happy and entertaining personality. They truly love being a lap dog. They are also known as the clown of the dog world. These bright, happy-go-lucky companion dogs are small but very sturdy. They love to clown around and also follow their human around the house. They love people and get along with almost anyone, including kids and other dogs, as well as cats. While they have a lively and playful temperament they do not tend to bark a lot. They are certainly an eager-to-please breed who loves affection and attention. The Coton excels at sports and as a therapy dog. They are very trainable.