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What Does It Cost To Own A Dog?

I recently received a phone call from my nephew asking me what it costs annually to own a dog. I was a bit surprised by this question but even more so I really had to think about it. For a lot of us we don’t typically sit down and figure out what it costs us to have the privilege of owning a dog or dogs in our case. But I was happy to see that he was asking this question BEFORE getting a dog! It’s something that we should all do!

Doing some research on this I was surprised by some of the differences in costs, depending on breed or size of dog, what state you live in, what food you feed etc. Below are some of the costs that new potential owners should be aware of before getting a dog:

-Purchase price / Adoption fee

-Vaccinations and veterinary visits

-Spay/Neuter procedure

-Deworming and parasite control

-Supplies; leash, bowls, collar, toys, bones


In addition to these costs there likely will be additional costs going forward. Some of these include:



-Dental care

-Emergency veterinary visits


While doing this research one thing that really caught my attention was the difference of owning a dog by state. For example, the average cost of owning a dog in Michigan is $1539 and in California it is $2263. *Source Pettable

The bottom line is that more people should take the time to actually know whether or not they can truly afford a dog. Some questions that you should ask yourself include:

-Does my current income allow for an additional $300 of expenses per month for dog expenses?

-Do I have enough money save for an emergency vet visit? I told my nephew at a minimum he should have $3,000 set aside just for this. And honestly this is probably low.

-What are the exercise, grooming and health requirements of the dog breed I want? Will I need to pay someone else for these services?

-What genetic conditions should I be aware of and costs associated with the breed of dog I am considering?

The bottom line is that dogs are expensive to own. We have to be committed to a lifelong financial commitment. The average dog lives to be 13 years old. As most of us know, dog ownership has many rewards and are well worth the costs associated with owning them. Dogs love unconditionally, provide companionship, give you purpose and can make you healthier. But it’s important to be aware of what it is going to cost you before adding them to your family!

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