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The Importance Of Off-Leash Training

Lately we have been getting some questions about our Advanced Off-Leash Training Class. Off-leash training is the next step after you have successfully completed our Basic Obedience Training Class. Why is off-leash training important? Because it takes basic obedience training to the next level, giving you complete control without a leash.

Safety is the main reason why off-leash training is important. Being able to control your dog while they are not on a leash can save them from many different types of situations. For example, if your dog is running towards a busy street, you should be able to get them stopped. Or if your dog encounters a porcupine or perhaps a skunk, you should be able to recall your dog easily. You may not think this will happen with your dog but things do happen and being able to easily control your dog can save you and your dog. Your dog may slip out of his collar in a busy area or maybe forces themself out the front door when it’s opened. The commands that we teach you in our Basic Obedience Training Class all transfer over to our Advanced Off-Leash Training Class.

An example of well trained off-leash dogs are working dogs such as law enforcement dogs. Those dogs must be able to be controlled easily off-leash. Also working dogs such as livestock dogs. Many times those dogs are trained and controlled with various whistles and tones/pitches. It’s amazing to watch the dogs work livestock with the handlers just simply using different whistles to work them.

Off-leash training may also help with various behavior issues. Some of those might be barking, chewing, and digging. These behaviors can easily be corrected when our dogs are on a leash but harder when they are further away from us off-leash. Successful off-leash training will give you control of your dog in any situation. And your dog may be happier with a bit more freedom.

Give us a call at 231-845-0550 if you have an interest in our Basic Obedience Training or our Advanced Off-Leash Training Classes. And of course we are always here for any Boarding needs. When only the best will do!

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