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How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need?


How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need?

Most dog owners understand that their dogs need some daily exercise. But how much do they need? That is something that we get asked often in our training classes. And the answer is never the same as it depends on a number of factors; including breed characteristics, your dogs age, their fitness level and perhaps their interest in exercise.

Physical exercise is important for a number of reasons:

1) Reduces obesity – many are a bit guilty of overfeeding their dog. If you combine that with poor exercise you can expect your dog to be overweight. And that can cause some major health issues for your dog later in life.

2) Improves physical health – physical exercise for a dog is as important as it is to us. Exercise helps to develop strong joints and bones and improves their

heart health. I’m always happy when we take our dogs to the vet and they marvel at their low heart rate. That’s because these dogs get a lot of exercise daily.

3) Helps Decrease Bad and Destructive Behavior – exercise provides your dog with a physical and mental outlet for their energy – this reduces the potential for destructive behavior. They are less likely to chew, bite or destroy anything they can lay their teeth on.

4) Improves Your Bond With Them – most owners rely on walking their dog for physical exercise. And going on walks together with your dog will help to improve the bond and trust between the two of you.

Walking is probably one of the most common ways people exercise their dog. But each week in our training class we send owners and dogs home with 15 minutes of homework. This counts towards their physical exercise. Below are some other ways you can exercise your dog:

-Hiking and walking


-Obedience work (like the homework we send clients home with)


-Playing fetch

-Dog sports like field trials or agility

-Practicing scent work or search and rescue

In the end, we live in a wonderful place that allows many different ways that we can exercise our dogs and enjoy where we live. If you make exercise enjoyable for you and your dog you are much more likely to do it on a daily basis.

As always Cotten’s Sunset Kennels is here for you with our boarding kennel or our dog training options. Give us a call today at 231-845-0550 with any questions or to make a reservation. We are currently taking reservations for our December Basic Obedience Class. We would love to have you join us.


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