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Five Reasons Your Dog May Be Misbehaving

As most of you know, we offer a new Basic Obedience Training Class at the beginning of every month. We haven’t missed a month since we started this and most months our classes are full. Which is awesome as the dogs in western Michigan are getting some good training! Today we are going to discuss why dogs may be misbehaving. It boils down to five basic reasons for the most part.

Reason #1: There Is A Lack Of Leadership
Dogs actually thrive with structure and boundaries. Giving your dog a daily routine (it can be anything that you do each day) helps keep them happy and satisfied. If you do not provide them with a daily routine they will create their own, and that routine may not be to your liking. You need to show some leadership to your dog.

Reason #2: You Give Too Much Unearned Affection
Yes, it is awesome to give your dog lost of affection. But that needs to be given at the right times and in the right quantity. If you are constantly giving your dog affection without ever asking your dog to do something you can create an entitled dog. Owners need to be very careful and aware of when to give affection and what behaviors you are truly enforcing.

Reason #3: The Training Isn’t Consistent Within The Household
Everyone who handles the dog needs to be on the same page with training the dog. If your dog is getting away with certain things with certain people, you can expect to always have this issue in the training. Unless everyone is consistently on the same page, the dog will always know who to take advantage of and how to do it. This is why we tell our clients to bring whoever will be handling the dog to our training classes. We encourage this due to this simple reason. Dogs are smart and quickly learn who the pushover is!

Reason #4: You Lack Follow Through
When we tell our dog to do something we need to be sure they do it. If they consistently blow us off and we let it go it becomes not only an issue but also it can become a habit. This then creates a selective listener, where your dog basically listens to what they want to hear and ignores other commands. You are better off not giving your dog a command then giving one and not following through. We need to always follow through with commands with our dogs.

Reason #5: You Believe Corrections and Consequences Will Ruin Your Relationship With Your Dog
This couldn’t be further from the truth. Sadly many owners do believe this though. As stated above, dogs like structure and routine. They strive to please us. They only way they can do this is if we spend the time and effort to train them. And that means when they misbehave or don’t follow a command there needs to be a consequence or a correction. It doesn’t need to be a terrible punishment; most dogs react to a “NO!” command easily. Our dogs rely on us to give them the proper information to live a happy life and that requires both positive and negative consequences.

If you are interested in our Basic Obedience Training Classes give us a call today at 231-845-0550. We strive to train you on how you can then train your dog. Remember dogs like structure and basic training provides just that!

Also, just a reminder to call us for any boarding needs; especially during the holidays. We are booking reservations for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break and we expect a full kennel for all of those dates.


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